Living at jeevan

Some of us live at the Jeevan Hostel, which is a great experience. We care for each other and help each other out. 


We're very close and love each other dearly, even if we sometimes fight with each other. We're brothers and sisters, and friends for live. 


Once a week, and on special occasions, we cook ourselves. We love to bake cookies, and try out new dishes. We love cooking, because we love eating.


As in our school, we've got nobody to clean up our own mess - except ourselves :-D Everyday for half an hour, we do our daily chores which change every two weeks. We also arrange our shelves and clothes. 


We celebrate a lot, too. Most of the time with a special dinner. Once a month we eat a cake to celebrate whoever had their birthdays during that month. Once a year we celebrate all birthdays together, with gifts. 


Some of us learn how to use sewing machines to make their own clothes. We maybe don't want to become tailors, but we would like to be able to save money by making clothes for ourselves.

Befriending Animals

Right now, we have got two dogs and three cats. We love them a lot, especially when they're still young. We also care for them when they get sick.