Learning at jeevan

Using Materials to Study

We use a lot of materials, like wooden fraction towers or a division board, where we can divide even 7-digit numbers. Materials help us understand concepts quicker, because we can actually see and touch them. We also use materials like flashcards and posters in English. 


Especially in Science, we do lots of experiments. For example, we burned a magnesium ribbon to understand chemical changes. We also checked for acids and bases with litmus paper. We have nice microscopes, too. 

Music Education

We are learning the basics of e-piano, recorder, ukulele, xylophone, and guitar. We study rhythms by using drums and rhythm sticks. We also sing a lot, and our favourite song in this class is "Somebody that I used to know" from Gotye. 

Independent Work

During Independent Work, we get individually assigned weekly plans. According to these, we work alone or with friends. When we have finished our weekly plan, we can study what we want - read, or use any kind of materials. We have one hour of independent work everyday. Learn more about the weekly plans here

Learning Together

We study together in groups. Sometimes class-wise, sometimes together with other classes. Subjects we study are Maths, English, Science, Hindi, Computer, Economics, Indian Culture and Heritage, Geography, and Creativity.


During creative periods, we try out lots of new things: origami, face-painting, paper flowers, making our own spaghetti, or quilling. It's nice to sometimes not study, but at the same time we always learn something new. For example, how to make a website :-)

Physical Exercise

Everyday, for half an hour we do either tae kwon do or play games like kabbadi, kho-kho, chess, or badminton. We do this so that get a fresh mind and be ready to pay attention during the lesson. We like all games, but our favourite ones are kabbadi and kho-kho. During the winter, we sometimes go to a field in the neighbourhood to play cricket. During Physical Exercise, both boys and girls have to participate equally.