Extra-curriculars at jeevan

Apart from studying, we take part in lots of activities that help us learn some skills, increase our creativity, or make us more self-confident. We choose those activities that we love and then stick with them for at least one session. 

Tae Kwon Do

Our younger students learn Tae Kwon Do from Shallu, our former classmate who now studies in grade 12 in Sunbeam Academy. 


Every Saturday and Sunday, some of us learn how to make clothes from the grandfather of a student who is a tailor. 

Visual Arts

We learn how to sketch, shade and how to use water colours from our teacher Radha, who graduated in Museology and Art History.


We love to dance! This session, we learn Bollywood Dance, Hip Hop, and Swing Dance. Whenever we have a function, some of us perform. It's great!

Ukulele Class

Once a week some of us learn to play the ukulele, the recorder, or percussion. We really enjoy learning all those in-struments we never even knew existed!


Over the years, our drama group has grown quite a bit. Most of us have participated in one or the other theatre performance. We love to dress up and become other people for a short time.