Eating at jeevan

If you have an anniversary, birthday or want to commemorate a loved one, and you want to use this special day to feed the poor, you can reserve a day on this calendar, donate towards us. We will mark this day in your name, use your money to buy food - and you will have contributed to the huge effort of educating, raising and providing nutrition to 150 students living below the poverty line. See if your date is still free - click here...


Every morning, we drink a lemonade or, when it is cold, a tea. During break time, we eat fruit to make sure that we get our daily intake of vitamins. Once a week, we get hard-boiled eggs.


At 12pm, the Pre-School children have their lunch. We eat lunch at 1pm. Everyday, there is not only daal and rice, but also vegetables and salad. 

Public Feeding

Once a year, all students and teachers get together to cook a meal for the whole neighbourhood. About 200-300 people come to have a delicious lunch - and we are busy from early morning to evening with cutting, cooking, serving, and cleaning.