Cleaning at jeevan

Team Work

There is no cleaning staff at our school. We take care of our rooms ourselves. We work in teams that are headed by one or two captains. They organize the tasks. Teamwork is real big at Jeevan.

During lunch time, we help serving the food, check that everyone has washed their hands with soap, and wash the big kitchen utensils afterwards. 

Class Cleaning

In our class, we take turns to clean up after each school day and in the mornings. It is ever so dirty, lots of cleaning is needed. It makes us proud that we're able to do that ourselves. Even the youngest ones help cleaning. 

For example, class 1 is in charge of the library. Every day, they have to put back all the books. Sweep and wash the floor, arrange the mats, collect garbage and sort it. It's a lot of work!

Garbage Sorting

Since December 2017 we sort all garbage that we create. Each little piece of paper (or, almost each) gets sorted. We sell whatever we can: paper, paper scraps, cardboard, wire, some kinds of plastic, etc. We have got a compost, too, for all the veggie peels and leaves. What ever residual waste is left, we bring to the communal garbage containers.