Celebrating at jeevan

We love to celebrate, whenever possible! Look here: 

Final Presentation

Each year we celebrate the end of the session with a big function where all students participate. There is always a topic, like "empathy" or "initiative", that all performances revolve around. The whole campus gets beautifully decorated. 


Once a year, all the Hostel students celebrate their birthdays together with a big party. It is always a very special event, with guests, cake, and great food. Of course, there are gifts, too. Each child makes a list with three wishes. 


Holi is one of the most fun holidays, as we get to play with colours, water, and even mud. After a long water & mud fight, we take a shower and wear our new clothes that we get as a gift from our school.


For Christmas, we decorate the whole school compound with fairy lights and self-made stars. Every single child of the school gets a gift and a selection of sweets and chocolate - given by Santa Claus! 

Republic Day

After the hoisting of the flag, we celebrate Republic Day with dances and theatre performances that highlight the achievements and challenges of our society.  We show how to respect and tolerate each others differences. 


The festival of lights is one of the most beautiful festivals we know. We light oil candles all over the school and hostel, create mandalas, and even build small mud houses that we then colour and decorate with candles. 

Creativity Week

The last week of the school session is used for creative projects. Each teacher offers one workshop/course and we are free to choose which one to attend. Some projects we did: Graffiti, Dance Theatre, and Oil Painting.

Disability Day

Divya Jyoti is a NGO that runs a training and work centre for people with mental retardation, cerebral palsy, and other disabilities. Every year on the 3rd of December we celebrate Disability day by dancing and playing together. Our students also perform a drama each year. 

New Year

We celebrate the start of each new year with fireworks, games and good food. Because there are school holidays during this time, it is usually the hostel children only, that celebrate. On that night, we eat the gingerbread house that was displayed on Christas.

Makar Sankranti

We celebrate the kite flying day both in school and hostel. Everyone gets new kites at school the day before and then the hostel children fly kites all day long. 

Raksha Bandhan

We celebrate Raksha Bandhan to remember how important our friends are to us. We make bracelets at school and gift them to each other. 

Math Market

The Math Market is one of our biggest day during the school session. Each student gets fake money and is allowed to buy real items with it - food, clothes, gifts, veggies, hygiene articles, or snacks.