About us

We in classes 8, 9, and 10 are really good friends and help each other. Sometimes, we fight, too. Together, we work on creating and updating this website. 


I love to do Bollywood dancing. My favourite subject is Math, and I find it quite easy.  


I like to do stunts and dance. I would love to learn breakdance. My favourite subject is Hindi, and I would like to become a dancer.  


My favourite class at school is Math. I want to become an engineer. My hobby is drawing, especially nature. 


I love to be creative, e.g. I like to draw floral designs or do origami. I always want to learn something new. When I grow up, I will be an Arts teacher.


I like to do tae kwon do. I teach it to the younger kids at school. My favourite subject is Math.  I want to become a Math teacher. 


I am very interested in Arts, as I love to draw faces. My favourite subject is English, and in future I want to become an English teacher. 


I really like studying at Jeevan Shiksha, because I get the opportunity to learn new things all the time. I would like to become a singer or an actor, but my favourite subject is Maths.


I want to be a teacher, because I enjoy teaching my little brother. My hobby is playing badminton. My favourite subject is English.  


I like to study English, because English is a very common language and enables me to talk to anybody.  I want to become a nurse. 


I really like to study Biology, because it helps me to learn about myself. I would  like to become a pilot, because I've never been in an airplane. I like to watch the news on TV.